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Attributes for Exchange 5.5 Mailboxes :  distinguishedName

This is the Distinguished Names (DN) of the mailbox object.


LDAP name distinguishedName
Data type Distinguished Name String (max 64)
Multivalue (Array) No
Heuristic 2 => Replicated between sites, No operational attribute
Access category

Admin access only

Ex55 Database name Obj-Dist-Name

The Distinguished Name doesn't contain the complete LDAP pathname. As a matter of fact there is no leading


The complete LDAP pathname is readable with the object property ADSPath. If you need only the short term of the Relative Distinguished Name you could use the attribute rdn or the object property Name.

According to the access category of this attribute, the distinguished name of a mailbox object ought to be changeable with an admin account, but this is not the case. The attempt to write this attribute doesn't raise an error but nevertheless the attribute is not changed. In Exchange 5.5 directories you cannot rename objects - you can only change the displayname (attribute cn).