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Attributes for Exchange 5.5 Mailboxes :  DXA-Flags

This is the value which controls the system characteristics of the Deleted Item Retention Time for the mailbox. Within this period, deleted objects in the mailbox remain in the so-called 'dumpster' and can be salvaged with Outlook.


LDAP name DXA-Flags
Data type Integer
Multivalue (Array) No
Heuristic 12 => Replicated between sites, Operational attribute
Access category

Admin access only

Ex55 Database name DXA-Flags

The actual retention time is stored in the attribute Garbage-Coll-Period. Following values are possible for DXA-Flags attributes:

    0 : For this mailbox, the system uses the general Deleted Item Retention Time of the database which stores the mailbox.

    3 : For this mailbox, deleted objects remain in the dumpster until a database backup has occured.

    5 : For this mailbox, a special Deleted Item Retention Time is used which is configured in the mailbox attribute

The DXA-Flags attribute is an operational attribute which is not automatically retrieved by a GetObject() or an GetInfo() call. You can load such attributes into the object property cache by explicitly calling GetInfoEx(). Read more about this technique in the topic 'Reading object attributes' here in the SelfADSI tutorial.