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Attributes for Exchange 5.5 Mailboxes :  Name

This no real LDAP attribute, it is rather an interface property of the ADSI object representing the mailbox recipient. This 'attribute'

has nothing to do with the LDAP server - it is provided by the ADSI interface. Since this is no real LDAP attribute, you cannot use ADSPath in any LDAP filter!

The string contained in the Name property represents the relative dstinguished name of the object, including the specifier 'cn='. You can also access the pure relative name with the attribute rdn.


ADSI item Name
Data type ADSI Interface Property -> String
Multivalue (Array) No
Interface Documentation Microsoft - MSDN

In this case, you have to distinguish between reading the attribute variable from the object property cache, and displaying the Name property which is a member of the interface-object in ADSI. The two alternatives lead to different results:

data = mailbox.Get("name") WScript.Echo data data = maiolbox.Name WScript.Echo data

In the first case, you get the displayname (if this attribute exists and was set for the object). In the second case the Relative Distinguished Name of the mailbox together with a leading 'cn=' is returned. You find additional information about this matter in the description of the attribute name.