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Attributes for Exchange 5.5 Mailboxes :  MDB-Storage-Quota

This is the first degree of the size limit configuration for the mailbox (in Bytes).


LDAP name MDB-Storage-Quota
Data type Integer
Multivalue (Array) No
Heuristic 12 => Replicated between sites, operational attribute
Access category

Admin access only

Ex55 Database name MDB-Storage-Quota

If the mailbox user exceeds this limit, he will receive a warning mail from the system informing the user about this issue. The two other limit degrees for the mailbox size limit can be configured with the attributes MDB-Storage-Quota and DXA-Task.

If you want to put these limits in force, you will have to set the attribute MDB-Use-Defaults to FALSE, otherwise the system uses the general limits which are property of the regarding mailbox store.

The MDB-Storage-Quota attribute is an operational attribute which is not automatically retrieved by a GetObject() or an GetInfo() call. You can load such attributes into the object property cache by explicitly calling GetInfoEx(). Read more about this technique in the topic 'Reading object attributes' here in the SelfADSI tutorial.