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Attributes for Exchange 5.5 Mailboxes :  otherMailbox

This is a list of additional mailbox' addresses.


LDAP name otherMailbox
Data type Strings (IgnoreCase)
Multivalue (Array) Yes
Heuristic 18 => Replicated between sites, no operational attribute
Access category

Admin access only

Ex55 Database name Proxy-Addresses

The elements of the list are strings which do not differ in capital and small letters.

A dollar symbol is prefixed to the address type of every address, e.g.:




    x400$c=US;a= ;p=MAIL;o=Site1;s=Foeckeler;g=Philipp


All addresses have to be unique and non-ambigous in the entire Exchange organisation! Moreover, the primary addresses of the type X.400 and SMTP are not represented here but in the attributes textEncodedORAdress for (X.400) and mail and rfc822Mailbox (both for SMTP). In order to change the main address which is used as sender address for outgoing mails of the considering mailbox, you have to change these attributes.

If you want to evaluate ALL destination addresses under which the postbox receives mails, you have to read the attributes otherMailbox, mail and textEncodedORAdress.