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Attributes for Exchange 5.5 Mailboxes :  objectClass

This is the object class of a mailbox object. It is one of the basic elements in the attribute set of a mailbox.


LDAP name objectClass
Data type Strings (Object Identifiers)
Multivalue (Array) Yes
Heuristic 2 => Replicated between sites, no operational attribute
Access category System access only
Ex55 Database name Object-Class

Object class of a mailbox has always the following array:

    - organizationalPerson

    - person

    - Top

The schema class organizationalPerson represents hereby the actual object class of the mailbox - this is the class you have to provide when wanting to create a mailbox object. This main class (also called structural class) is always the first array member in Exchange directories - this is different to Active Directory object classes). If you want to make sure that the object you deal with actually is a mailbox, you will have to use the following script code:

Set obj = GetObject("LDAP://.... classArray = obj.objectClass If classArray(0) = "organizationalPerson" Then . . . End If

Even easier would be the use of the ADSI-Interface attribute Class, because then the actual object class 'organizationalPerson' is returned without array and the check for the object class would look like this:

Set obj = GetObject("LDAP://.... If obj.class = "organizationalPerson" Then . . . End If

The other classes 'person' and 'Top' are the superior classes from which organizationalPerson is deduced hierarchically. When an mailbox object is created, the attribute objectClass can't be changed afterwards.