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Attributes for Exchange 5.5 Mailboxes : Replication-Sensivity

This is the so called trust level of the mailbox object. This value determines whether the object is replicated to other sites. It's an attribute which exists for all object classes.


LDAP name Replication-Sensivity
Data type Integer
Multivalue (Array) No
Heuristic 20 => Replicated between sites, no operational attribute
Access category

Admin access only

Ex55 Database name Replication-Sensivity

Objects are replicated to other sites by directory synchronisation connectors only if their trust level value is below the trust level specified for the connector itself.

For mailboxes, a trust level value of 20 is set by default - directory synchronisation connector objects have a trust level value of 100 by default. Therefore mailbox objects are replicated between Exchange sites.