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Attributes for AD Users : displayName

This Active Directory attribute can be used to store a display name for the user object.


LDAP name displayName
Data type String (max 256)
Multivalue (Array) No
System Flags


Search Flags 0x05
In Global Catalog? Yes
Attribute ID 1.2.840.113556.1.2.13
AD DB attribute name Display-Name
ADSI datatype 3 - String(Unicode)
LDAP syntax - Directory String
Used in ... > W2K
Schema Info Microsoft - MSDN

Active Driectory doesnt use this attribute for any generic function, but it's mandatory in environments where some kind of global address lists have to be built for mail systems like Exchange. Here the displayName attribute is used strictly for such lists - and its a must attribute for the Exchange-mail-enabled user. This is the name for mai enabled users which is visible in the Exchange address book.

See also the explanations here in the SelfADSI tutorial according "Creating mail enabled users".