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Attributes for AD Users : description

The Active Directory attribute description can store any descriptive information about the user object.


LDAP Name description
Data type String (max 1024)
Multivalue (Array) No
System Flags


Search Flags 0x0
Im Global Catalog? Yes
Attribute ID
AD DB Attributname Description
ADSI datatype 3 - String(Unicode)
LDAP syntax - Directory String
Used in ... > W2K
Schema Doku Microsoft - MSDN

Please note that description is stored as a multivalued attribute in the AD database, so it could contain several different values. However, in the 'AD Users and Computers' admin tool, you always see only the first array member of this mutltivalue. There are two different description about accessing multivalue attributes in the SelfADSI tutorial:

SelfADSI Reference - Reading multi value attributes with GetEX

SelfADSI Reference - Changing Multivalued Attributes with PutEx