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The Global Catalog

The Global Catalog (often abbreviated as GC) is a mechanism to access information about objects from all domains in an Active Directory Forest on a simple way. Typically, each domain controller stores only the objects of its own domain in its domain partition. If you need for example a list of all users in the entire forest, or you want to search an object in the entire forest according to certain criteria, normally you would have to perform separately for each domain.

To avoid this expense, you can add the function of the global catalog to any domain controller (for the first installed domain controller of an Active Directory forest this is done automatically). These are the changes regarding such a domain controllers:

The following topics are available acording to scripting with the Global Catalog:

How to find a Global Catalog server?
Which Object Attributes are included in the Global Catalog?
Connecting to Objects in the global catalog
Searching Objects in the Global Catalog
Check: Is this domain controller a global catalog?