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Attributes for Exchange 5.5 Mailboxes :  Security-Protocol

These are flags to specify the priority for X.400 messages sent by the mailbox.


LDAP name Security-Protocol
Data type Octet String (Hex-Wert)
Multivalue (Array) Yes
Heuristic 12 => Replicated between sites, Operational attribute
Access category

User access

Ex55 Database name Security-Protocol

The attribute value is definied as an array which consists of a single member with octet string (hex) syntax in an Exchange 5.5 environment. The octet string is a DWORD value (32 bit - 4 bytes).

If the value is 0x00000000, the messages sent from this mailbox over an existing X.400-Connector with high priority. If you want to ensure that normal priority is used (i.E. to avoid conflicts with a X.400 system which receives the mail), then the value of the attribute Security-Protocol must be set to 0x00000080.

Security-Protocol is an operational attribute which is not automatically retrieved by a GetObject() or an GetInfo() call. You can load such attributes into the object property cache by explicitly calling GetInfoEx(). Read more about this technique in the topic 'Reading object attributes' here in the SelfADSI tutorial.

Even if you manage to read the data of an Assoc-NT-Account attribute with GetInfoEx(), it is not that easy to handle the value. Read more about this in the section 'Object attributes of type octect string' here in the SelfADSI-Tutorial.