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Attributes for Exchange 5.5 Mailboxes :  Auth-Orig

This is an array of distinguished names of objects which are the exclusively allowed senders for the mailbox. If mail is designated to the current mailbox and the Auth-Orig list is not empty and the sender is not an object which is listed here, then the mail will be rejected.


LDAP name Auth-Orig
Data type String (Distinguished name of another object)
Multivalue (Array) Yes
Heuristic 20 => Replicated between sites, No operational attribute
Access category

User access

Ex55 Database name Auth-Orig

Distribution lists and external custom recipients can also be listed in the Auth-Orig attribute - but it is not allowed to enter just a SMTP mail address in the list: Only DN identifiers of objects in the Exchange directory are valid here.

If the Auth-Orig attribute is empty or doesn't exist, mail will be received from all senders without limitations. There is also a negative list for the sender restrictions: the attribute Unauth-Orig.

When changing this attribute, the Exchange system will automatically create an according backlink attribute (in Auth-Orig-BL) for the particular object that was entered here. So you can check this backlink attribute of your mailbox to check if it is used as an exclusively allowed sender for another mailbox.